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Analytic coaching is well-suited for individuals with a track record of success who are facing a change in role, organization or business strategy; or for those feeling a desire to find new sources of meaning in work and life. It is also helpful for people  changing gears and seeking a reset after a long, full career.
Versatility is as essential to coaching as it is to leadership. I blend business acumen, adult development theory, systems thinking, team dynamics, mind-body awareness, and an interest in the unconscious.  Uncovering knowledge and ideas we don’t know we know, and beliefs and assumptions we don’t know we have, offers a way to get beneath the surface of the organizational politics, interpersonal conflicts, and self-limiting patterns that shape our experience.

Play is integral to my approach.  Word play, role play, and drawing can offer fruitful avenues of insight.  Dreams can also be a resource for discerning a truth and a desire of which you have been unconscious.
All of us with human DNA were designed for and shaped by a slower-moving and more predictable world.  Striving to do more and move faster are understandable responses to the volatility and complexity faced in modern organizational life.  What other responses might be possible?

I listen closely to the words you use and invite you to see and hear yourself more clearly so you can make more conscious choices that make a positive difference for yourself and for the world.  By naming what is sensed, questioning what doesn’t make sense, and searching for the meaning in repeating patterns, new intentions and new options for action take shape.
My work as a coach offers a countervailing invitation to slow down and reflect: What are you doing?  Why are you doing it? Is it what you want to be doing? Who are you becoming while you do it? What doubts do you have? I create space to freely explore these and other unspoken or seemingly-unspeakable questions about life and leadership
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