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Almost every kid likes to play in the mud. As a ceramic artist, I never gave it up. I have been working with clay since 1978. My approaches and methods have shifted over the years. I've created ceramics with techniques including throwing, coiling, and slab construction; created items such as functional tableware, tightly lidded vessels, and sculptures; and learned the crafts of both conventional firing and raku.

My recent work explores the significance of the mask, which much like the art of ceramics has a long and ancient heritage. Masks represent the duality of concealment and of performance, both hiding and revealing aspects of ourselves. My sculpted masks address themes of mortality, visibility and invisibility, and challenges in speaking and being heard. The raku process introduces the direct impact of fire and its associations with anger, destruction, and rebirth— creating crackles and flashes on the surface as a reflection of what happens inside the body and mind.

I earned a Bachelor's degree in Art History at U.C. Berkeley and then received my Masters in Urban Planning from UCLA. I studied ceramics at Santa Monica College, Pierce College, and in many workshops. I've taught ceramics in community art centers and adult schools. I have been recognized in juried exhibitions, including a best in show award at the Los Angeles County Fair.
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